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2022 5th International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control
May 28-30, 2022, Suzhou, China
Call for Papers
2022 5th International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control (ICCCC2022) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:
Computer Technology
Computer and Information Technology
Computer Technology for Developing Areas
Computer Networks and Computer Science
Computer Security
Applications of Computer Science and Engineering
Automated Software Engineering
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Compilers and Interpreters
Computational Intelligence
Computer Animation
Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Games
Computer Modeling
Computer Simulation
Computer Vision
Computing Ethics
Control Systems
Data Communications
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Digital Library
Digital Signal Processing
Distributed Systems
Event Driven Programming
Expert Systems
High Performance Computing
Image Processing
Information Retrieval
Information Systems
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Applications
Natural Language Processing
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Windows Operating System
Project Management Software
Database Management
Internet and Web Development
Business Communication and Management
Big Data and Bioinformatics
Info-tainment Multi-media, Innovation and Commercialization
International Studies
Network Engineering
Systems Analysis and Design
Computer Usage and Applications
Digital Design
Networking: Design and System Support
Web Design and User Interface
Communication Engineering
Communication Networks
Optical Communications
Mobile Communication
Wireless Communication
Satellite Communication
Control and Measurement
Communications Systems
Antennas and Wireless Propagation
Speech Communication
Communication Protocols
Cognitive Radio
Analog Communication
Mobile Adhoc Networks
Open Spectrum Solutions
Internet Security
Digital Communication
Secure Transactions
Secure Protocols
Cyber Security
Analog Communication Techniques
Digital Modulation
Individual Communications Networks
Signal Modulation Techniques
Transmission Systems
Design and Analysis
Relay Stations
Tributary Stations
Data Terminal Equipment
Mobile Communications Systems
Evaluation of Microwave Communications Systems
Communications and Information Systems
Communications Electronics and Information Systems
Transmission of Signals Through Linear Systems
Telephone Systems
Cellular Systems
Packet Data Systems
Satellite Systems
Microwave Systems
Fiber Optic Systems
Advanced Technologies for Communication Systems
Social Media Applications
Digital Media
Computer-mediated Communication
Communication and Advanced Technologies
Online Collaboration
Virtual Organization
Online Journalism and Socio-digital Network
Control Theory
Open-loop and Closed-loop (Feedback) Control
Classical Control Theory
Control Science and Engineering
Adaptive Control
Robust Control
Process Control
Complex Systems
Co-operative Control
Identification and Estimation
Nonlinear Systems
Intelligent Systems
Discrete Event Systems
Hybrid Systems
Networked Control Systems
Sensor Network Systems
Delay Systems
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Systems
Control of Biological Systems
Precision Motion Control
Control Applications
Control Engineering Education
Closed-Loop Transfer Function
PID Feedback Control
Linear and Nonlinear Control Theory
System Interfacing
Controllability and Observability
Control Specification
Model Identification and Robustness
System Classifications
Linear Systems Control
Nonlinear Systems Control
Decentralized Systems Control
Deterministic and Stochastic Systems Control
Main Control Strategies
People in Systems and Control
Cybernetics Engineering
System Modeling and Simulation
Robust and Adaptive Control Systems
Industrial Measurements and Smart Instruments
Networked and Distributed Control Systems
Intelligent Control
Industrial and Power Electronics
Stochastic Process Control
Optimal Control Systems
Sensors and Instrumentation
Advanced Mechatronics and Robotics
Nonlinear Control Systems
Advanced Electrical Drive Machines
Automatic Control in Automotive Systems
Expert Systems and Control
Digital Signal and Image Processing
Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems
Embedded Control Systems
Cyber Physical Systems
Data-driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis
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